"There is no greater satisfaction than skiing on skis made with your own hands."

About Us

Nord Esquis is a project born in Sort, Catalan Pyrenees.

We are dedicated to the manufacture of fully customized artisan skis. But every story has a beginning and the beginnings of this great family passion dates back to the 50s, when our grandfather, a carpenter by profession very fond of skiing and mountain sports, faced with the impossibility of buying one, decided to build his own skis and those of his companions and relatives.

What We Do

A NORD Esquís ens dediquem a la fabricació d’esquís artesans, dissenyats tenint en compte les característiques de l’esquiador i l’ús que li vulgui donar. Fem que cada parell d’esquís fabricats siguin únics.

Han fet falta 7 anys d’investigació i la més estreta col·laboració amb professionals de la neu, conjuntament amb més de 40 anys d’experiència en el sector de la fusta per dur a terme aquest projecte.

How We Do It

The choice of quality materials is of vital importance when making skis; This is where the exciting work we do at Nord Esquis comes into play, choosing the right woods with which the cores will be made for each pair of skis.

For the manufacture of the cores, single-piece slats are used from spatula to glue glued together and subsequently cut to what is called a mirror, so that the two skis are exactly identical and with the same performance.

With our manufacturing system we achieve a more progressive flex and the combination of these woods with the different reinforcing fibers make our skis respond correctly to the requirements of each type of skier.

To finish customizing our skis, the final finish can be a single wood veneer to have a personalized design made in marquetry, where we can give wings to our imagination.

We have test skis to be able to test and customize the skis to suit each skier.


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